Present Day

I have heart failure and I keep getting weaker.

That is the simplest truth. Simple, hah! As if anything has been simple.

In addition to heart failure, I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Never heard of it? Yeah,  me either until earlier this year. Yet, that is what they call the damage to my right hand/arm. How was damage done to my dominate hand you’re wondering? Don’t worry, I’ll give you the brief version for now.

November 2016 I went in for a Bilateral Sympathectomy at Johns Hopkins Hospital to  stop my tachycardia episodes. Though experimental for treating my condition, sympathectomy surgeries have been performed for decades to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Since the surgery…

Good News: No more tachycardia!

Bad News: My brachial plexus was damaged during the surgery. Thus I’ve suffered from numbness, pain and limited hand function ever since.

Good News: The last few months I started regaining partial function of my right hand. I can now close my pinky, ring and middle finger! They’re still numb but this is great progress.

Bad News: I now sweat excessively from the chest down.

Good News: I no longer sweat on my face, which is great for my makeup!

As you can see, I continue to have struggles. Yet,  there are still many positives that have come from this experience. I truly believe that even in the most tragic of events, something good will come from it. It may take days, months or years to understand and see the upside, but I fully believe the good will be revealed. I’d love to tell you why I so passionately believe in this, however, that’s for another time.

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