Today is the day I’m supposed to travel to Arkansas for our annual family reunion. We are supposed to leave in two hours, and I have yet to pack. I went to sleep early last night (before 11pm instead of 5am), so you would think I’d feel fantastic today, but life isn’t that easy.

I had to run an errand this morning for Dillon (more about him to come) and while in the car, severe nausea struck! I ended up having to pull over in a random parking lot to throw up. I swear, if I’m ever adult-napped, it’ll be because I had to pull over in an empty parking lot to throw up. Yes, this is a regular thing, and no, none of the doctors know why it happens. I have had extensive testing for months, and there has been no conclusive conclusion. However, I’m pretty sure it’s because of my heart failure. You see, I don’t get sick from eating, I get sick whenever I’m having to be active (which is normally walking). It’s just another inconvenient aspect of my life, but I will continue to adapt and persevere.

So I’ll lay in bed another hour, then at the last minute I’ll throw some clothes in a bag and take a shower. I’ll put a smile on my face, and pretend everything is fine. I’ve heard if you really believe it, it’ll come true. Let’s hope that’s the case today with a five hour car ride ahead of me.

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