Low Salt 

I was discharged from the hospital yesterday with instructions to follow a low sodium diet. I’m now only allowed up to 2000mg of sodium a day. You would not believe how many things I can no longer eat, like a salad from Chick-fil-a is no longer an option. So it is really stressful for me because I want to be compliant, but I haven’t cooked for myself in so long because of my illness. However, being determined, I went to Walmart today to get low sodium food options.

It ended with me leaving in tears because I was so physically exhausted from walking around the store; but I got enough low sodium options for a week. I had to read the sodium content on everything I picked out, and it was definitely time consuming. However, now I know what to get next time. Though I really may have to start ordering my groceries online.

Things are always changing, nothing is easy, but I am determined to get my transplant.

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