3 Days and 7 Pounds Gained

There is no one to blame but myself.

I was doing so well on my low sodium diet last week until Friday. What was supposed to be only 1 cheat meal for my anniversary with Dillon turned into an entire cheat weekend. Let me tell you, I’m paying the price. I’ve gained 7.2 pounds since Friday. 3 days and 7 pounds gained is horrendous.

I barely slept last night because I kept waking up short of breath, which hasn’t happened in awhile. No one should ever gain 7.2 pounds in 3 days but this girl did and I know it’s 100% fluid. Now there is nothing todo except start the low sodium process all over again. An entire weeks worth of efforts are now wasted due to my bad decisions.

It’s so hard eating reheated chicken, brown rice and broccoli when Dillon is getting fresh Chipotle. I don’t even like Chipotle that much but fresh food sounded so good and it was. Chipotle wasn’t my only bad meal this weekend. I also had What-a-burger which I thought was entirely my cheat meal, while still pretending Chipotle and the Sushi I had was healthy. I can lie to myself but the scale only tells the truth.

So here we are, back at 13 pounds to goal and the only person who can make it happen is me.

That is the scariest part.

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