No Pain like Nerve Pain

I feel like you don’t know pain, until you have pain from nerve damage. 

It’s comes out of no where and can feel anywhere from stabbing and burning to severe itching. Imagine an itch you cannot scratch because it’s not real! It’s literally your mind overreacting. 

I’m only 5 minutes into this episode and I want to cry. I haven’t had pain like this in months, and I guess I had forgotten how unpleasant it was. 


I’ve been told these symptoms can mean the function will come back. So let’s all pray that’s the case and I’m not suffering for no reason. 

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3 thoughts on “No Pain like Nerve Pain

  1. Gosh yes it’s horrible I have started getting feeling in my chest and it’s miserable they say if you pat wherever it’s itchy it will relieve it. Works for sometimes. 😘

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    1. Ugh!! I can’t imagine this in my chest, I’d definitely assume I was dying lol it’s horrendous!! The patting isn’t helping so I’m trying a heating pad now 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻


      1. It is always awkward walking around and then just smacking your chest lol but it works sometimes. The pain sucks tho. Good luck with the heating I hope you get some relief!

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