4 of 10 

I’ve been looking at my situation all wrong. I’ve always focused on the negatives without ever considering there could be positives. 

In order to try and reset my attitude, I’m going to list the Top 10 Positive things about being unemployed with ARVD, Heart Failure and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. 

1. I no longer have to get up for work, which means I shouldn’t ever have dark circles again. 

2. If my right hand function returns, I’ll be ambidextrous. 

3. I’m like a mini medical encyclopedia. I know all the symptoms for heart attack, stroke, blood clot, tachycardia, low potassium, heart failure, fluid retention, migraines, seizure, high blood pressure, low blood pressure and so much more. 

4. I have incredible parents. Like, I’m not saying they wouldn’t be incredible if I was healthy, but we don’t know anything for sure 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 

5. ….

Well, coming up with positive things was harder than I anticipated. So for now, we will leave it at 4 and hope as I work on myself, I can learn to see the good in more things. 

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One thought on “4 of 10 

  1. 5. Without your current, you probably wouldn’t have been networked with all the amazing boss babes you now have in your life.

    6. You get to witness the amazing, selfless acts from your man.

    7. You started a blog- that people ACTUALLY read.


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