Beauty is Pain 

Since noon today, my fantastic sister has been working on my hair for me. I have high expectations and she has worked so hard to get my hair how I want it. She is due in December and after standing on her feet all day, she looks more energized than me. Of course I’m jealous. 

How can sitting down for 4 hours be so exhausting? I literally just sit in a chair as my sister does my hair, but it feels like I just ran 10 laps in middle school gym class. My left eye keeps twitching, which started a few weeks ago and it normally signifies I’ve done too much. I’m thirsty and I just want to close my eyes, I need a nap. 

 Beauty is pain. I’m literally so fatigued I can’t even explain it. I wish I could articulate how  twisted this is. I used to love getting my hair done and now it wears me out so much I could cry. Ridiculous. 

However, I still have bleach in my hair and I must finish this process. I’ll then get in my car and drive 45 minutes home in heavy traffic. It’s so grueling, these things that use to be so simple. It’s crazy how things I used to enjoy, like getting my hair done, are no longer enjoyable. 

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