When ARVD/C makes the news

Watch this clip: ARVD/C Teen receives heart transplant 

My thoughts:

It’s funny because I received the SAME misdiagnosis when I was only 8 lol every time I hear someone say they have exercised induced asthma I’m like “oh really? 🤔”

I am also really curious as to why this girl never received a defibrillator and went straight to transplant. I’ve encountered many ARVD/C patients and no one’s doctor immediately went for transplant.

Also, is it kind of fucked up that I feel like she didn’t have to put in her time with this disease? Lol like I know it’s wrong to think but uh, I would have enjoyed getting a transplant at 17 and being able to do whatever with my life 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 instead of miserably suffering through the last 8 years.

2 thoughts on “When ARVD/C makes the news

  1. What I’m learning about ARVD/C is that it progresses differently in those affected. I recently learned of a boy here in California that needed a heart transplant who is under the age of 10. Symptoms of this heart condition also differ among people. My son never had any symptoms. One day he seemed as healthy as could be, the next we found him in full cardiac arrest and later that evening doctors gave him a 10% chance of surviving – if he had a heart transplant. Impella heart pumps were used on the right and left sides of his heart to do the work, allowing his heart to recover from his biventricular heart failure. Six days later those pumps were removed and his heart recovered enough to not need a heart transplant. We know that this condition is progressive and that one day he is expected to need a heart transplant.

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  2. It is crazy how it progresses or doesn’t progress in people. It’s not very consistent and I think more research will hopefully provide clarity in the coming years. That is amazing your son was able to make such a drastic turn around, it truly sounds like a miracle and an amazing blessing.


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