Library Card

Today it is finally cold and rainy here in the DFW.  I’ve been dreaming of cooler weather for months, so I’m loving the temperature. However, I did not love driving on highway 183 to Dallas in the rain. Talk about anxiety overload! Between the contrustuction, people swerving into my lane and the rain, I’m lucky I made it without crying lol (I cry when I feel overwhelmed).

I saw a headache specialist today, waited six months for this appointment, not even kidding. I started a new medication today, so let’s hope it helps and doesn’t cause any adverse side effects like my last one.

Doctor’s Office Selfie

I’m also really proud of myself, because after I came home and ate lunch, I got back out of the house! I know, shocker! I picked up my prescriptions, checked out the local library (yes, I got my first library card since I was a child) and even managed to grab apples and water from the store. I’ve been short of breath since Monday, holding extra fluid and boy does it wear me out.

I tried to get information about volunteering at the library but for some reason, both ladies working had no idea where the forms were. I’m not sure what a library volunteer even does, but I’m getting desperate for human interaction. I miss working, having people to talk to about work goals and life goals. I miss connecting with coworkers, you really don’t realize how big of a roll those things play in your life until they are gone.

Looking for books at the Hurst Library

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