This too shall pass

When I lay down, it sort of feels like I’m suffocating. It gets harder and harder to breath the longer I lay there. After a few minutes, I sit back up in this dark room. Dillon has slept peacefully as I’ve battled my body for the last 3 hours. Eventually I’ll get tired enough where I’ll just fall asleep, but until then, I guess this up and down cycle will persist.

I worry it’s fluid overload again, which of course would be my fault. It’s so hard eating a low salt diet because it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change and change is hard. It’s been a month, and while I have had good days, I also have had bad. I keep trying though, no matter how many times I’ve fallen down, I have gotten back up.

So even though I’m so tired I could cry, I won’t. Not this time, because this too shall pass. 

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