Sure, you were a little irresponsible and at times you drove me insane. You would jump without looking but never feared falling. You were smart and fearless, always chasing love and adventure. You were always up for something new and your imagination never stopped.

I miss you.

But then things began to change and you started caring about what other people thought of you. Realizing you were different only made you try harder. You began jumping in ways others wanted you to go, losing yourself. I watched you give your all to people who turned their back on you in an instant. You forgot who you were.

I don’t miss you.

I saw you give more than you got, I watched you pray and I listened to your dreams and fears. You were always consistent, asking God to watch over everyone but you. You tried to help others whenever you could and it often went unnoticed.

I see you.

Through the years I’ve watched you change. You were once a carefree child, who only wanted to grow up. Then one day you realized you were grown, and life wasn’t as you expected. I’ve seen you fall, cry with despair, and come to the point where you wanted to quit. I don’t think anyone can really blame you, they don’t know what it’s like. Others say they understand, but no one really understands but you and me. Despite everything, you keep moving, always finding a new goal or dream to chase. There is no stopping you, no matter what you always try.

I’m proud of you.

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