ER Visit

My life is so annoying.

I was sitting down watching Millionaire when I noticed my chest starting to hurt. No big deal, I tried to ignore it. Then it became really intense, like someone was literally squeezing my heart in their hand. After contemplating, I finally called Dillon to come get me. I have never experienced that form of chest pain before and for my pain to get to a 9.5 is so unlike me. It would get really intense and then lessen to a 6, and that kept cycling. Then after about 20 minuets of being in my ER room, the severe pain stopped.

Story of my life.

So now I’m waiting for my CT results and then I’ll get to go home. I always feel so dumb coming to the ER but I know the one time I ignore my symptoms, it could be the one time it’s catastrophic.

So here is to feeling dumb but still alive 💖

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2 thoughts on “ER Visit

  1. When it comes to heart stuff, the ambos, ER drs and specialists are all fine and supportive. Even when I feel embarrassed or frustrated by a false alarm, they praise me for doing the right thing by taking proper responsibility for my health. There’s no need to feel guilty for doing exactly the right thing yay you’re supposed to do. … but it is frustrating when symptoms subside before they can be clinically tested. Like trying to hit a swinging dartboard! You’re not alone.

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