Good Job

It’s a new year, or so the calendar says. I’m not even bothering with New Year resolutions this year. I make goals for myself all the time, and I give myself a little “good job” sentiment when I achieve something. Today I almost made it my entire trip at the Mall without complaining but Dillon started walking too fast and it became awful. I was pushing myself to keep up with his pace but I quickly started to sweat and fatigue. I went and sat down on a bench while he finished his business, then we came home. That’s the extent of my day. A 30 minute round trip to the mall is all I accomplished today. Good Job Maudie.

2 years ago I was running on 4 hours of sleep, working a holiday and planning out my evening. I was always on the go. I would complain about being too busy but anytime I had a day with no plans, I’d be bored. I was always doing something, I miss those days.

Now 2018 I’m laying back in bed after only being awake 3 hours. Life is different now and I’m determined to figure out how to make it exciting again.

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