I’m still too fat for the transplant list.

Oh, and they still aren’t sure if it’s my heart so even if I was in weight today, it wouldn’t matter.

I have to go for another stress test, it’ll be my 3rd in a year’s time. Because there just isn’t enough clear evidence to make a determination. It’s exhausting going to doctors appointments consistently and not getting any clear answers. All I know for sure is that I have ARVD (thanks genetic testing) and my right hand still isn’t full function and hurts often. Those are the only 2 things we know for absolute certainty.

All of my other symptoms can be caused by heart failure, autoimmune disease, anxiety, etc. So many conditions are similar as far as symptoms and everyone is just always guessing. I have to constantly tell myself things will get better otherwise I’d go insane. Literally, going to doctors appointments over and over expecting to make progress feels like insanity.

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