Mind > Matter

What could go wrong has today.

I had a dream I had a baby that died, so I woke up this morning already sad. Then my dog had an accident in my room that I had to clean up. Then I checked my bank account to find it severely negative because I paid AT&T with my card instead of Dillon’s. It was such a careless mistake but I honestly have no recollection of doing it wrong. My memory is getting so bad, and I have no idea why. Then when I went to leave to for the bank to plead with them to reverse the overdraft fee, because we have the money, it was just the wrong account; I get in the car and notice my windshield is dirty. I pull the windshield wipers and it sprayed out the fluid but my wipers didn’t move. Then I realized they were frozen to my car! So I go searching for an ice scrapper, and eventually find it. I head back out and try lifting the wipers so I could scrap the ice and I ended up breaking both windshield wipers.

This is my day and I’ve been awake less than 2 hours.

However, I promised myself I wouldn’t let the little things get me down anymore.

Dreams aren’t real. Puppies have accidents. Money is just money and windshield wipers can be replaced.

I could literally cry right now because I feel overwhelmed but I refuse to let it happen. I refuse to continue being this emotionally weak person who forgot how to handle bumps in their day.

So I breathe heavy when I walk and talk, and I don’t have the energy to fix my hair or put on makeup. Who cares? I’m alive, I have a wonderful fiancé and family, and 2018 will be a great year for me.

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2 thoughts on “Mind > Matter

  1. You’ll make it, I have an issue with inanimate objects hating me as well, those things pale in comparison to having a good Partner, sorry you had a Monday on a Tuesday ! Chin up, insurance wouldn’t approve all my paineds again…. Time to dig in & FIGHT !!


    1. After having a morning like this, it inspired me when you showed your appreciation for your fiance, and family who, in the end, is what life is all about! Simply redirecting our thoughts can make for a great day in spite of everything else.


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