On the west side of Fort Worth sits an adorable salon that celebrated its first birthday in November. You walk through the doors and you instantly know you have arrived at Honeycomb Salon & ColorLab.

Today was my first visit to this trendy spot and I was immediately greeted by the friendly receptionist. She immediately asked if she could get me anything, they literally offer every accommodation you could want. Only moments later I met Brandon, who was going to my stylist for the day and just so happens to be the owner and pioneer of this gorgeous place.

Brandon had me immediately meet with Jenna, who performed a hair analysis using a capilloscope, which examines your hair and scalp at 200x magnification. Jenna was able to determine my hair is in between growth stages and could tell I had major hair loss around 3 years ago, which is true. I was amazed by this little machine and Jenna’s extensive knowledge. Everyone should take the time to have Jenna analyze their hair and scalp, you’ll be glad you did!

After my hair analysis, Brandon got started on my hair smoothing keratin treatment. This smoothing treatment was amazing for several reasons.

First off, it was practically odorless. I mean, it literally seemed like he was just putting conditioner on my hair. Then after 30 minutes of processing, it was ready to be rinsed out. That’s right, no shampooing just a gentle rinsing to remove any extra product. After which I returned to Brandon’s chair where he blow dried and then straightened my hair. After that, I was done! Can you believe it? It was the simplest, odorless and most efficient hair straightening system I have experienced to date.

With chronic illness, most days my hair is frizzy under my go to “bad hair day” hat. However, now after I shampoo my hair and let it air dry, I will no longer have the unmanageable frizz that I can’t tame. I’m so happy for the experience I had today, the wonderful people I talked to and the relaxing atmosphere of Honeycomb.

If you want to check out Honeycomb, and I think you should, enjoy deep discounts on keratin treatments and extensions for the rest of this month! Also, make sure you mention I referred you and get $20 off your service. Lastly, when you refer your friends, you both receive $20 off a service!

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