A Stranger

A stranger had the audacity to message me on instagram to tell me my negative blog wasn’t helping anyone. Anyone. Last time I checked, I was someone and if it’s helping me, who else am I required to be accountable to?

Better days are always around the next bend, days I’ve dreamed about my whole life. These days suck, anyone with chronic illness knows sucky days. They are negative days, full of endless symptoms, vague doctors and a relentless will to get better. Just because we have a negative disease doesn’t mean we have to be silenced, or made to feel we are harming people by expressing ourselves.

••• ••• •••

I wrote this almost 2 months ago but never posted it. Today I decided it was time to share for two very specific reasons.

1. Had I let that person’s negativity get to me, I wouldn’t have continued blogging. I wouldn’t have gotten to connect with so many wonderful people that have helped me in ways I can’t explain.


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