Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find your soulmate! But by lucky, I mean you work your ass off for your relationship.

Dillon is my best friend, the one person who I can fight with, love with and grow old with. We have both worked tirelessly on our relationship, and only through that commitment have we arrived on what I like to call soul level.

We started as strangers on Tinder. Both of us previously broken by careless lovers but stubborn enough to not give up on finding “the one.” We have both hurt each other, unintentionally, and by no means is our relationship perfect. There is no such thing as perfect.

However, Dillon was made perfectly for me. He makes me want to be a better person, always pushing me to chase my dreams – even the crazy ones. Always supporting me physically and emotionally, Dillon never leaves me alone.

It’s crazy to think about how our relationship began, the few times we talked about it ending and then to see where we are now. Tonight we went to a Jack Ingram concert with Dillon’s sweet parents, and his step-mom captured this picture of us.

I can’t help but look at this photo and feel loved and proud.

You might just see two people standing there but I see so much more. I see a woman who has to fight for normalcy everyday and yet tonight, she felt absolutely perfect. I see a man who loves her fiercely, despite her short comings and is always by her side to love and protect her.

It’s the most perfectly imperfect thing, and I’m thankful it’s mine.

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