I see you

Standing with your hands griping your hair as your heart pounds out of your chest, you scream out a raw cry of rage. You are done. Done with it all dammit. You crumble to the floor and sob. Your chest hurts from crying and the pain you feel, it’s unlike any other. Spinning, the room is spinning now and you wonder if this is what it’s like to feel crazy. Have you finally lost it, you seriously have to wonder this now. Life is too hard: you can no longer keep going. You have thought about ending it all, it’d be so simple. Then you remember there is nothing simple about it.

You remember the person that keeps you hanging on when nothing else is breaking your fall. The one reason you would protect no matter what the cost. Even if the cost was your life, you’d give it to protect them.

I see you broken girl. I see your pain that you keep buried deep inside, the pieces of you that you wish to burn. Too bad it is impossible to escape the pain of your mind but to end your life, you can’t do that either.

I know this secret you keep buried, the words your mouth shall never speak. For what you encased in darkness must never see the light. If anyone was to know, they just wouldn’t understand. The jokes that would be made at your expense, the looks of disappointment, intrigue and fear on others faces, it’d all be too much to endure. So your secret you keep to protect what’s left of you, even though it’s your burden to bear, know I’ve been there too.

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