Forever Young

I had a friend who passed awhile ago, we weren’t even that close in the grand scheme of my life, but he is the first person that I’ve truly missed that has died. For that, I am thankful. Some 26 year olds aren’t blessed to still have so many people they care for in their life.

My friend was a funny guy, someone you could depend on for a laugh. He was giving, I saw him go out of his way for people more times that I can count. He was a good friend, and I’m so thankful he was such a good friend to my sister and brother-in-law. I know they truly feel his loss often.

Tonight, while visiting with one of Dillon’s friends, I was reminded of this friend. There was something whimsical about the way Dillon’s friend spoke, something I recognized, for I had heard it before. I can’t really describe it beyond that, for it was only a feeling but it brought a smile to my face. Remembering my old friend in this new found one, is truly a blessing I didn’t know was coming.

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