Butterfly Emerging 2019

Here is the scoop:

Somewhere between 2013 and 2015 I gained weight, a lot of weight! I had been steadily gaining since 2012 but by 2015 it was very apparent. In total, at my highest weight I gained 105 pounds. In 2011 I hit my all time low of 128 pounds and my all time high topped 232 pounds in 2016.

I ended 2016 knowing I had to make changes in 2017. So I lost a few pounds last Spring but I really started to see a difference by Fall! Only about 10-20 pounds gone, holding water makes it super inconsistent, but I can see a little difference in my appearance already.

After all this time, I now understand chronic illness is just my cross to bear and I am determined to become strong enough for it. This means I have to really recenter my mind, body and spirit. I honestly feel like my body will be the easiest of the these tasks. So with that, I am beginning my one year weight loss challenge. I am going to start posting weight updates every Sunday and that’s all I know so far. I’m not even sure where I’ll start, maybe a detox or keto, we’ll see. I just know a year from now, I will be in a better place.

HW:232 lbs

CW: 222 lbs

GW: 150 lbs

GD: 3/23/2019

I actually can’t believe I’m doing this. I’ve always been tolerating of my plus size figure but I never wanted to disclose my actual weight. Admitting the numbers still kind of shocks and disappoints me. I now admit I have not been doing everything I can to help myself but I’m going to change that. So I’m going to share this butterfly quote again because it’s just completely in sync with how I’ve been feeling.

I’m leaving the past as I transform my mind, body and spirit into something new and beautiful.

I haven’t felt this confident or excited in a long time, so I’m really ready for this new chapter of my life. 🦋

2 thoughts on “Butterfly Emerging 2019

  1. If you think that gaining weight is bad, how about losing 30 in a month? I did this when I was in a medically induced (after brain surgery) coma. Luckily the coma was only a month (no one knew how long THAT was going to be). Hate to think what I would have lost if it was a longer amount of time….. :/

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