No Struggle, No Progress

HW:232 lbs

CW: 222 lbs

GW: 150 lbs

GD: 3/23/2019

My weight hasn’t changed yet which sucks but is expected since I’m struggling to turn down carbs.

I’ve decided to try a Keto diet or low carb diet again and I think it’ll be the easiest to stick to after I get going. I really got into it back in 2016 but I only made it a couple weeks in when I had a tachycardia storm and was told to stop. Now that my tachycardia has been absent for over a year, I’m ready to try again.

Luckily, I’m very educated on what I should and shouldn’t eat so going out and things won’t be stressful like when I was just counting calories in the Fall. I hate having to count every calorie, I prefer counting carbs instead so this is going to be great.

I just have to learn to have self control, because my self restraint can be really lacking at times when it comes to unhealthy food. However, I know it’s an issue and I know with time I will learn to say no to my self indulgence.

This is going to be a long and trying year; nothing will be easy about losing 70 pounds but it will definitely be worth it.

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