For A Laugh

After a long day, Dillon and I were just sitting in the living room watching TV with the lights off. Khaleesi and Hamilton kept growling at each other on the loveseat and after asking (yelling at) them to stop a 100 times, I finally got up to separate them. I went to reach for them and then the TV flickered brighter and I SCREAMED!

I jumped back and pulled the light string as fast as I could! The lights came on and there it was, between my two growling puppies was a baby opossum!

Sneaky Pete was playing opossum with us and went from a dead opossum we just needed to shovel into the trash, to an adorable furry rat running around our living room. Dillon was mad the whole time and wouldn’t let me stop to take pictures of Sneaky Pete. I’m pretty bummed about that because tonight was one of the funniest experiences of my life!

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