Thankful for what I can do

I got my nails done yesterday and loved how pretty they looked, even though they seemed to be very thin.


I knew I would need to be careful with them, and I made it a whole 24 hours before I injured myself.



It really hurts and blood just keeps slowly seeping out. In addition to this little painful number, I’ve also been having night sweats for the past three days. I’m not sleeping well since I wake up every few hours soaking wet and shaking; It’s not even cold, it’s August in Texas, my body is ridiculous.

Even though everything hurts, I’m super tired and I have only 4 fully functioning fingers (yes, that is total) I still managed to accomplish some much needed work on a client’s website. I am about two months behind on all of my projects, and I can only hope not to get further behind. There was a time in my life where I would be 2 months ahead on projects, but those were healthier days. Of course I miss my greater abilities, but I still have to be thankful for what I can do, no matter how small it may seem.

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