One Month Update

HW:232 lbs

CW: 219lbs

GW: 150 lbs

GD: 3/23/2019

I can’t believe I forgot to post last week! I swear it feels like I can’t remember anything which is so frustrating, but what is even more frustrating is water weight.

Yesterday was my cheat day, because I just had to eat at one of my favorite places while visiting my mom. Unfortunately though, it didn’t taste as good as I remembered and had I known it’d cause me to gain 3 pounds over night, I definitely wouldn’t have had dinner there.

I swear salt is the devil’s work. Why else would something make food taste so good but do such bad things to the body?

Eating healthy really is a challenge. I’ve been trying to find the perfect balance between carbs, calories and sodium while also ensuring an adequate amount of protein. While the last month has posed some challenges with doing this and I woke up 3 pounds heavier today, I’m still down a solid 3 pounds from where I started a month ago.

Here is what I did to lose weight:

  • Replaced sodas with unsweetened strawberry green tea lemonade
  • Replaced fries with a fresh fruit cup
  • Replaced snack crackers with a bowl of mini wheats (the brand matters)
  • Replaced popcorn with edamame

I’ve learned you just have to start somewhere. You can’t change everything overnight and you have to be patient. I’ve struggled with being patient my entire life, so when I say this is difficult, I really mean it.